The very latest lighting technology will make fly balls easier to see when Ballparks of the Ozarks opens later this year.

Nationally recognized lighting industry leader Premium Quality Lighting will install LED lights on the park’s baseball fields as BPO moves toward opening later this year. LED lighting will improve the experience for fans watching the game and, most importantly, for players.

Light-emitting-diode lights have become the standard for professional and amateur athletic fields. The state-of-the-art lights are energy efficient, low maintenance and provide superior quality illumination.

“Effective lighting is of course our first priority,” Jeff Vernetti, BPO CEO, said. “However, it is an important benefit of LED lighting that it saves energy. On a project of this magnitude – more than $1.5 million worth of lights – it will save BPO as much as 65 percent on our electric billing.”

An additional benefit of the lighting is a reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions, Vernetti says. “It is a bonus that we get these additional benefits to go along with brighter, more uniform lighting. PQL’s expertise in the lighting field is just one more example of our focus on providing the very best baseball experience possible.”

Andy Sreden of PQL says one of the most attractive features of LED lighting over old-fashioned metal-halide systems is bulb life. “The LED luminaries we are installing at Ballparks of the Ozarks are rated for 100,000 hours of life,” Sreden said. “That’s compared to the need for annual maintanence of halide bulbs and the 20 minutes it takes to warm up the light systems. LEDs come on and go off instantly.”
PQL, founded in 1989, manufactures a wide range of lamps, ballasts and fixtures. The company’s mission is to provide energy efficient, quality lighting products. PQL provides thousands of products under the trade name Superior Life, manufactured to the industry’s most stringent quality and environmental standards.

Ballpark of the Ozarks is located on more than two hundred acres adjacent to Highway 54 just west of Camdenton. The state-of-the-art facility will host baseball tournaments for teams of players ages 8-14. Support facilities in the first phase of the project will include batting cages, concessions, a full-service bar and one-of-a-kind seating. The park will draw players and their families from around the nation.

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